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9 Medications That Are Not Naturally Appropriate for Toddlers

Unlike adults, children are far more susceptible to side effects than the drugs they are given. That is why careless administration of over-the-counter medicines can have a negative impact on the health of children under five years old (toddlers). Sometimes due to panic, parents rush to give medicine to help alleviate the child's condition. In fact, conditions that are general in nature, such as coughs and colds, can subside by themselves without the administration of certain drugs. Giving arbitrary drugs, it will only have a bad impact on the body of the Little One. Drugs that can be given with special attention The following medicines can still be given to your child, but with caution: 1. Ibuprofen Ibuprofen can be given to infants, only if it is more than three months old and has a body weight of more than 5 kilograms. Nevertheless, Mother should not be careless in giving ibuprofen, because it can endanger the health of your child. Especially if he is dehydrated, has a h
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Recognize the Symptoms of Depression as a Whole

Many people are actually experiencing depression, but don't realize it. This may be due to a lack of understanding that depressive symptoms are not only limited to deep sadness. Symptoms of depression can be recognized psychologically, physically, even in social interactions. Besides looking sad, someone who is depressed can experience difficulty sleeping, changes in eating patterns, to social disorders such as withdrawing. Understanding the Symptoms of Depression from Various Aspects The following are symptoms of depression in terms of various aspects that affect a person's life: Psychological Symptoms Broadly speaking depression can be identified through psychological changes in a person. If you currently feel the following, you may be experiencing depression. A feeling of deep sadness Anxious and worried constantly Loss of interest and life motivation Blame yourself for the problem or event at hand Being hopeless, feeling inferior, and being pessimistic for a lo

Treat inflammation of tendons at home

Tendons are thick tissue that functions to attach muscles to bones. Whatever activities you do, they all involve tendon movements in the joints. Activities that are carried out suddenly, repeatedly, and often, can cause small tears in the tendons to cause inflammation of the tendons. Inflammation of the tendon, also known as tendinitis, must be treated with proper care. If there is no treatment, tendon inflammation can get worse and there is even a possibility that the tendon will break. If this happens, you must undergo surgery. This is a treatment for inflammation of the tendons Actually, tendinitis can occur in all tendons in the body. However, the tendons that are most often inflamed are the shoulders, elbows, thumbs, knees, wrists, hips, and ankles. Before inflammation of the tendon or tendinitis becomes more severe, there are treatment steps you can take. The following treatments can accelerate the healing process and prevent further damage: Resting diseased tendons